Writing Markdown with WP-Markdown

Why Markdown?

I want to make writing code in my posts as easy as possible using the WP-Markdown plugin. It will allow me to be more productive with my writing and showing code in my posts.

Here might be an example:

function foo(param) { 
   console.log("message: " + param); 

If I wanted to, I could write a quick post with some code on the fly. In my earlier posts, I’ve used the Syntax Highlighter plugin, which works great, however, I feel more productive using markdown and it’s an easier way for me to post code without having to wrap [javascript][/javascript] shortcodes around my example code.

Other Notes

You could make the argument that I could use a static site generator. You are correct, but I do have a love for WordPress. I love it’s power and the things you can do with it, but that’s a different article in itself.

Closing Points

Anyway, I wanted to share what I’ll be switching to as far as writing my posts. I also wanted to share a great tool that you can use to share your knowledge with other web minions.

Until next time, cheers!

Tyler Souza

Tyler is a very passionate full-stack developer who thrives on a challenge. He specializes in programming (mainly in Python), REST API development, and keeps up with the latest front-end technologies. When not coding, he loves to eat ramen, BBQ, and travel.