What is New at Activate Saga?

With August here (which I can’t believe how fast the year has gone by), a couple exciting things are coming up this month here at Activate Saga. First off, I would like to mention that every month that I, the editor of this blog shall give you a recap every month about the current state of web development, opinions and what’s going with Activate Saga itself. So before I start rambling, let’s get to the updates.


I’ve been working a lot with Laravel, which is a PHP framework and it has been absolutely amazing to work with. One thing I like about it is it’s straight forward syntax when calling methods and objects. For example, defining routes:

    Route::get('/home', function() {
      // some code. 

The code above is called a closure, which is kind of “javascript-ish” and I think that’s pretty cool. Perfect familiarity for someone new to PHP development coming from a Javascript background. Don’t worry about what a closure is. I’ll go over that in future posts about Laravel.

Speaking of future posts, I’ll be covering Laravel more extensively and provide tutorials. If I come up with some cool scripts, I’ll provide that as well.


I’ve been trying to learn Angular lately but I’ll say, I’m far from an Angular expert. However, look out for posts to come because I’ll definitely share what I learn.

Design and Bootstrap

What’s grabbed my attention lately is Twitter Bootstrap. I love working with this front-end framework simply because it’s simple to use and has everything ready so that you don’t have to worry about making your own grid system for example. I’ve been looking around the interwebs and seen some sweet looking admin/dashboard themes. While working on a project, I began to think how awesome it is to provide a functional app that looks great as well!

With this in mind I’m thinking of providing themes and templates in Twitter Bootstrap. Some free/open-source and some as a service (premium). I’ve been getting into admin/dashboard themes and working on one as we speak. Another cool idea I had, is to integrate Laravel or Angular into it to provide a “functioning” starter app so that development is an even easier process and you can provide a wonderful product to your clients.

I’m also experimenting with a few things with SASS that I’ll share in later posts. Even though I’m more of a coder, I like to get a little artsy as well.

Anyway, I hope y’all have a great weekend. Stay tuned.



Tyler Souza

Tyler is a very passionate full-stack developer who thrives on a challenge. He specializes in programming (mainly in Python), REST API development, and keeps up with the latest front-end technologies. When not coding, he loves to eat ramen, BBQ, and travel.